About Reema

Reema Jumani is a skilled business etiquette coach. She has extensive experience working in business development with top brands and companies. These include exclusive projects with the Royal and Ruling families in the Middle East and similar high profile clients across the MENA region.

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In a modern and competitive workplace, first impressions become lasting ones and that is where Reema comes in. From teaching corporate boardroom etiquette to one-on-one coaching, Reema caters to a wide range of clients- from executives who are looking to elevate their profile to entry level graduates on the brink of making their first impressions in a professional setting.

With customized training programs, Reema offers her expertise and insight into how etiquette can impact client and employee relations and eventually enhance the performance of a company.

Reema is a certified etiquette consultant from the International Association of Professions Career College in Canada.